What is SEO Marketing?

SEO can boost and optimize your search tab or search engine to your site. It can make your search engine faster than you think and can increase a thousand visitors. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

So basically, this SEO is very negotiable since it is very easy to use and can boost your search engine on your website. Google make a posh a mathematical formula that is called algorithm to grant a score in each site. This will also help people to try and do in google which is the best site to use and help people to locate what they are searching for.

Think of algorithm, it is sort of amount of box of rules that has been collected. Each box or buckets gives you different situation about the quality of each site that has been linked to you and this will measure the result of how people trust you.

In terms of quality of your site, of getting the best score in terms of trusting, it can affect your search engine classified by having the highest result. People will trust the quality of your site that is why they will look for a better or great quality.

This is the good thing; the results will be put together in the algorithm to know which category should the buckets or boxes will be classified. Also, it will give a great opportunity for you because of the hundred brackets that will give a high result that can optimize your site.

There are some buckets which is much better than others because of the main three buckets; the quality, authority and trust. When we say quality, this will measure the condition of your product, now my point here is, when google say about quality, google wants to measure or wants to find out what sites is much better to rank up that can offer valuable and negotiable for searchers. For example; you want a good content that can catch researcher’s attention, but you are using the same description with others on your websites, then you are not offering an interesting content to your google searchers.

No matter how unique, beautiful your product that you’re selling is, if the content is the same with others, so that google won’t say that your product is way better than others, you are still not offering a unique content. Instead, use a unique and interesting one.

For example; give some offer to your google searchers that they can customize their personal product. Give them some directions to follow on how they should do it correctly so that his or her product will still have the good quality. You need to give them a good information to satisfy them.

Be more creative, be more unique. Give them satisfactory that they have been looking for. Give them information, to give them more ideas. Gather some proofs that they used the product by taking pictures. Create a group or a community for people who are interested to your products, hire an influencer that can promote your products to invite people to use your products.

When you are trying to look for a site, trust is a huge thing that we need to be aware of to line up with google because there are some sites who are not trustworthy. Google didn’t just want to show the searchers what they are looking for, it wants to show who are the perfect website to visit who are trustworthy.

It is important to have plenty and good reviews to your site, because if you have a poor review from searchers, google won’t approve or show your site to the rank who are the best site. So, one thing that we should always remember, we need to have a great review because one thing google wants to figure out, is to penalize the site who are having poor reviews.

To prove googles algorithm that your site is trustworthy, you need to gather the authoritative websites to link to your own site. Get the trusted blogs, get the trusted articles, newspaper, magazines to link to you to show google that you are worthy to trust.

And lastly, the final bucket that we need to be aware of is authority. You are the one who handles your site, so you need to look for a way to convince google that your site is popular that they can show to the searchers the most popular product seller. Because google likes to show sites that are popular.

Fill the bucket by creating a page or group in social media sites, gather some people to link to you, tell people to share your products by purchasing and by sharing your page or group in any social media sites. Be sure to get people to comment, like and share your products, leave some proofs and testimony that they are satisfied with the products by asking some pictures that they use the products. That is how to prove google that you are trustworthy.

To sum this up, SEO is a way or a process to make your site easier to use and to prove to search engines that you are the best site, the more authoritative, more trusted and has a great quality of products that can give some offer to the customer or the searcher. Get people’s trust, give them a good quality, and give them some opportunity that they can talk about you, to get link to you, so that google will be more confident to rank you up in the algorithm that you are the best site.