What Can You Learn about 13 Amazing Abandoned Cart Email?

You run a small store and there is an inventory. Your prices are really going well, but still the customers are complaining about it. Have you ever any way to covered up this issue?

It is not that important. You can still encounter a huge number of lost sales. It is normal when it comes to business. How? Through abandoning a shopping cart. 

Roughly, any percent of online shopping carts are deserted before the customer completes its orders. That can tell that your sales numbers may only less than ever be expected. 

Now, it is not possible that we can convince the buyers or customers who used to reject your sales to purchase your sales.  There are always some customers who never have any intention to buy those sales in the first place. But it is good to put some effort to resolve the hesitations of the customers because the percentage are convincing enough.

You can look and make some research about this from the previous discussion about cart abandonment. This will help you to know more about abandonment as well as you can prevent any of this issue.

We want to tackle about the problems of customers who abandoned the carts of what is the best and effective way to resolve this issue and recover the lost sales. The email marketing wants to run a campaign about cart abandoning. Afterwards, we will share to you the marketing tool to set up one up for yourself.

In an online shopping analysis, 50 online stores were derived to essential characters of how many cart emails has been abandoned. Ranging from small business stores to large business stores, from all retails to phone cases manufacturers.

What are an Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned Cart emails are the products who had been sent or add to cart but failed to check out and placed order by the buyers. 

Some abandoned cart emails are opened over third click attempts, and leads back to purchase site. You need to be more aware that customers who abandoned the carts has not any intention to leave that way.  It is easy yet shockingly underused tactic to some retailers on the internet. There are stores who tend to fail to generate the abandoned cart emails, but we don’t need to be like them! We don’t need to be careless. Abandoned Cart Emails are easy to resolve.

Important ingredients for Abandoned Cart Emails 

Abandoned Cart Emails are easy to resolve and create. And we can get a great way to pull back again the unwilling customers. Every abandoned cart email must have two things to have:

A reminder of what they have abandoned

It is possible that your customer will change their mind and they decided to not to purchase the item. It will take hour remind them what they have abandoned, of what they have saw about the item in the first place. Unlike from the other standard business email format, this is a good lead.’

What is more important is that, they never attempted to abandoned their purchase. There are customers website has been crashed and timed out as the reason why didn’t complete their purchase or why they left their cart abandoned. It is all been the internet provider’s issue and your customers still want to buy something more. There are always been a way on how to pull back your customers, by saving the cart and preserving the items that they planned to buy.

Always pay attention in every online shop emails. This image will go along by the fun-loving people. Also, take this as a reminder that every three clicks of those emails will lead you back to the cart. (Because of some reason that the links are active such as; title, main picture, and the big button from the bottom of the email).

What a Great Copy

The purpose here of abandoned cart emails is to serve what you normally send. Your marketing materials needs to be captivating and don’t let diminish them all. Think of it that abandoned cart emails is a bonus marketing opportunity. 

There are a lot of things and ideas for a good marketing email. These are; An attention-grabbing subject line, great copy, and good images. These are all essential and can excel on one or more areas of emails.

Show some emails with a great copy. That gives your dogs an imagery by the abandoned cart emails or abandoned links.

Who wouldn’t love dogs? Dogs are adorable and kind! If your business has a good sale, you should probably include it to your copy.

Even those small business about dog’s stuff and all, gives a little opportunity to feature them in its email to show some appreciation and everything.

Every clothing line has its own slogan to make their store more remarkable and harder to forget. Sometimes, slogans are a great help to easily recognize your store or business, but be sure to put some link too to get back to the cart.

The next email has nothing to do about to our love of dogs but anyhow, it is still a great copy.

In some cases, there will always be a great offer sent via email, it gives some offer and after that, it will ask for some respond if there were any problems or anything that they can help with by giving some information from the director.

Also, there are emails sent by some online stores if you accidentally abandoned cart and will tell you that the item is not for reservation so there will be a chance to be sold by other.

If you want to purchase something, then go for it. Don’t delay it, don’t abandon some cart. Customers are afraid that the items they want will be sell out so there is urgency. Go, buy! Don’t delay! Scarcity is a powerful psychological sales trigger that some retailer will take advantage.

All stores, big or small are using a great copy to make sure that the items they sell will be put back to the cart and make the purchase.

Tips for abandoned cart emails

All abandoned cart emails need to be captivating copy to get easily put back to the cart the abandoned items. The next features are not too necessary but it will be more exciting if you know how to manage them correctly.

Offer some discount 

Some reason why customers abandoned their carts is because of the prices that are too expensive than they expected.

In every purchase of some buyers, they always look and count the total price of each item before checking it out. They sometimes don’t think how much shipping fee they will pay.

That’s why some main reason of abandoning cart emails is because of the price they get after looking how much they will pay.

But there is always a way to overcome those problems! Give some discount. It’s up to you how much discount you’ll give.

It is easy to create a discount, first know the exact price, second create a discount code and lastly, put it in the abandoned cart email.

Now that you have an idea about discounts, you need to decide carefully if this discount will be a great way for your business and how can you not lose too much in sales as well. Think about it that customers love small prices, and because of the discounts, the customers will get back to the abandoned cart email and make a purchase.

It is now up to you on how to decide carefully, how much discounts are you going to offer. Don’t let this slip away! Think about your customers to not walk away.


If you have any idea about HTML, it is a good idea to make some visuals about this.

Creativity is important! It can add up to your business because of the great and attractive themes and all to your websites. We all know that good photography also sells.

Again, not all abandoned cart emails are bad for your business, but also it is a good opportunity to your platform marketing. If all your emails go pretty well, then this one might go pretty well too.

The reason why we need to have an HTML, it is because it shows the difference between visuals and no visuals, emails and no emails. If creating visuals is pretty challenging, worries no more! Just focus on how to create a copy instead.

Reserve the items in the cart

There is another way on how to take advantage of scarcity effect. Remember how useful if the item is selling out to encourage buyers to purchase the items?

Here’s the thing: your customers will be grateful if the customer wants to reserve the item and you ensure them that they will keep it so that it won’t sell out but only for a limited time.

Know that if you hold the items for them, the customers will be push through to purchase the items.

Holding an item for buyers helps them to purchase the items. And because of that, you can sell out surely your products. It is an example of how beautiful HTML is.

Before holding the items, be sure that the customers will pay the items they reserved because people are used to to the terms reserved the items. 

The last and final email

One email already discussed about all the details here. Though the design is too shocking but functional at the same time, it is good in some other way.