The New and Improved Responsive Checkout

Every owner’s website’s goal is to do the best that they can to give the smoothest and fastest possible way during transactions and when customer purchase from their site. Because it would make a fuss and would annoy customers when you have a long and complicated check out process, some might not continue purchasing from you when they encounter that hassle checkout. 

Just like what HitMe tries to present to us which is for everyone to have an easy and secure online checkout. But as the saying goes, the only permanent thing in this world is change. This also applies to the world of the web, in which it changes develops and improves through the years. It is very exciting to know that there is now a new and improved Responsive Checkout. This will definitely excite people and make their shopping experience smoother and easier.

After years of looking for answers on how to give business owners less stress on chasing abandoned carts and allowing them to spend more time on improving their business, finally there is now a solution which is the Responsive Checkout. This is specifically made for business owners to increase their brands sales. It is like a God sent answer to make their business life easier and also for customers to enjoy shopping online.

This is not just any one snap or immediate product, it took lots of hours and millions of dollars for every transaction and research that are accomplished by stores.

Easy and available for everybody

There is a very high percentage of people now using phone or tablets, having these gadgets are like a part of them, it is what they use when they search through stuffs and when they purchase online. That is why it has influence more than 50% of traffic to ecommerce sites. That is why you must make sure that your checkout design is very responsive and easy to access. You should make sure that your customer is comfortable on making their check outs.

It is definitely a priority to give comfort and easy access to your customer, so with the help of Responsive Checkout it will surely help you to create exact layout that optimizes for the screen size that your customer has. There are different screen sizes, and it plays a huge role, like when you’re using a laptop or computer when purchasing you can easily display options for them unlike when they are using phones or tablets the screen is limited, so for that you must place the order shift from the right of the screen to the bottom of the page. It means you can help your customer have a quick and easier process in checking out, they would have to scroll and swipe less, which means they could easily choose another product to purchase and would lead to more orders and increase sales.

You can never possibly know or predict when and where people would purchase something, it would be just random depending or when people feel like it or when they badly need something. Some may purchase and checkout at work with the use of their computer or laptop and some would just comfortable laydown on their bed with the use of their phones of tablet. With the help of Responsive Checkout, you can feel reassured that your customers are getting the best experience on their checking out process.

Well, thought out and meticulously improved

Every customer's dream is to be able to purchase everything they want online, but that dream is awfully ruined when there is plenty of complications and long process that you need to click and respond during their checkout. It is too much hassle and time consuming when you have to encounter such poor checkout page, it would make the customers back out or won’t repeat purchase from your store.

Now with the use if Responsive Checkout, it is definitely guaranteed and would reassure everyone that it has an easy flowing, smooth running checkout process. Definitely the goal here is to expand around the world the improvement of their checkout experience with Responsive Checkout. It would definitely help business owners improve or increase their sales.

This project consumed a lot of time and effort but it surely has paid off because just as it released it had been successful and kicked of well. Of course, behind this success, there had been a long process, it involved conducting numerous of random people in usability tests and also it involved researches on how people purchase online. It also involved merchants that could help improve and bring out the best in Responsive Checkout. After all the team and the people involve gave their best and exerted all their hard work, the result is shockingly simple and easy to access, it only has one page for you to use in checking out.

This is what everyone is dreaming of, they would surely love the easy and simple check out process that the Responsive Checkout offers. As of their observation of one of the merchants in a short span of time since they released Responsive Checkout, they saw the difference of the rate on their checkout conversion from 58% it jumped to 65% which is obviously great and would mean that the project is very successful. It definitely improved their revenue in just a year in more than ten thousand dollars.

The important thing that you need to reach success

Aside from making sure that you are giving your customer a great quality of service from their shopping experience, you must also make sure that you are going to give them the best checkout experience because that is surely what they deserve. You must maintain a continuous positive energy from them throughout the whole process of their online shopping experience, from the beginning up until the end.

Now that Responsive Checkout is spreading like wildfire, and is now popular. HitMe has been able to come up with an idea of customizing and designing the appearance of your checkout page, with only easy design controls and options that you can use. There is nothing to worry about because it doesn’t require design and coding skills.

You can just simply choose your design, depending on what style or vibe you are in to. You can custom your desired header image and you can even pick your favourite colour that you can use for your checkout background. After that you can think of a logo and tagline that would fit well with your chosen design. You can match everything on your checkout page from the brand that you’re selling, you can choose colours that matches with your brand. You don’t even have to worry about your chosen language because it will automatically be translated on the customer’s language of choice. And of course, with Responsive Checkout your business is protected by best-in-class, Level-1 PCI compliant security the same security used by large banks around the world.

If you are having doubts and questions about the security of Responsive Checkout, this is will definitely not be a problem because it is guaranteed protected by the best Level-1 PCI security, which is also used by massive and popular banks all over the world. It is most trusted among any other security that is available.

All existing HitMe merchants can now preview and upgrade to Responsive Checkout in their admin dashboard starting today, while new HitMe stores will have it enabled automatically.

HitMe has now upgraded to Responsive Checkout, it will be available on their site and you can access it right away.