Solution for Dropping 69% of Sales in Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online selling is not an easy job; you try to persuade people to buy from you. You give them discounts and have a sale but still there are people whom you still loose every day. Some people adds products from you to their online shopping cart, which notifies you and leads to expectation of having enough sales but eventually ends up to a disappointment because of shopping cart abandonment. It is such a pain to see that you’re losing potential orders.

It is very disappointing and painful to encounter with cart abandonment from your website. You feel like you are being fooled around, expecting to come up with high sales but they just don’t purchase it at all. You have your estimated sales, out of the 100% potential buyers that you thought would eventually purchase your products because of them adding it from their cart but it only leaves you with 31 people actually purchasing products from your website and 69 of them will not continue to purchase at all.

Just an insight for you of how much money just passes through your hands. If you are earning $15,00/month in your overall revenue, and is you just compute those 25% of those people who have abandoned their orders into sales, you would be earning a huge amount of money already which is $45,00 annually. 

The study contains a collection of 22 different studies that will impart us information about statistics on ecommerce shopping cart abandonment. It’s kind of sad to hear some other reports that there is much higher rate of cart abandonment that reaches to 80.3%

The cause of online shopping abandonment

In every problem there is always a reason why it had happened or why we didn’t get what we had expected to happen. Now let’s try to find answers on why are there high rates of online shopping cart abandonment, what could be the possible reason. As we can see that cart abandonment is clearly a huge problem. Out of the 14 possible reasons on why potential buyers abandon their carts lets dig deeper on 3 of its possible reason, let’s discuss 3 of its possible reason and on how we can find a solution to this problem.

1. Didn’t expect of the total cost of their purchase

Most of us shoppers look for nice products online that are budget friendly for us. We easily get excited when seeing products with great deals and are very affordable we tend to add it into our carts immediately but when we try to check out there are additional charges like for the shipment and other stuff that were not shown in their website. That would make those potential buyers feel tricked and would not continue to check out their orders. As sources say 56% of the shoppers didn’t expect the total costs is the reason why they abandon their carts.

2. Website lags or crashed 

Being on top quality website like HitMe is where you cannot experience any issues like website lags or website crash. Most of the online retailers especially with those who has only just started their site or ecommerce business they host on servers that has very poor performance and when you host with low performance servers it will lead your site to lag or crash.

3. Price Currency shown is foreign

Most people don’t know how much money is it really worth when you convert their currency to foreign currency. Especially now that online retailers are now open to international orders. It’s a must that you should be able to provide or show the exact cost of money to the online customer’s local currency.

We’ll explore both of these in detail below.

Methods to avoid online shopping cart abandonment

Customers that leave your website/store before purchasing any of your products can be dealt in two ways. They can be grouped in to two:

  • Before online shopping cart abandonment
  • After online shopping cart abandonment

Below are the information and details enlisted for us to find out.

Before online shopping cart abandonment

As stated in the title which is before online shopping cart abandonment means it is when your potential buyer is still in the process of purchasing or is still scrolling through your website. We cannot hide the fact and the possibility that while your potential buyer is scrolling through your website many things won’t work as what you expected.  But there are helpful steps that will surely reach your goal of increasing customers that would complete their purchase or checkout process in your website.

Stated below are the 8 steps that will surely make your checkout increase and be more effective:

1. Provide actual pictures

Showing clear and actual photos of your products will surely make the customers more engaged in purchasing your products. Seeing the actual pictures of what their desired product looks like will reassure them and that they would surely purchase from you. Seeing only texts and descriptions of the products will not satisfy or reassure potential buyers.

2. Simplify the editing cart to avoid hassle from customers

Its undeniable that customer avoids being in to a situation where they have to fix things or resolve issues just like being locked into a check out page. We are not perfect and we all commit mistakes sometimes we accidentally select or choose the wrong variation of product, the number of products or simply the product itself. Id things like these happen to your customer its best for you to help them make it easy for them to change variation or edit things out.

3. Have a variety of payment options

Make your payments methods open and wide; your customers may have different preferred payment options like Visa or Master card, Paypal or Gcash. The payment options may vary depending on the audience or your customers demographic so it’s best to have different options. There is this payment option which is called FreshGigs that saw an increase of 15% in the process of checking out when you approve in the option to pay with American Express, which was not presented in the box.

4. Provide helping options

It’s acceptable that sometimes when the customer is about to check out their chosen products sometimes it happened that they can forget to ask question and their concerns regarding the product or the check-out process. So it’s useful to provide a chat box or toll-free number on your checkout page so that it won’t be hard for customers to click the back button just for them to ask questions and to also avoid hassle from leaving the site and do the check-out process again.

5. Do not force customer to register

There are websites that will force people who are about to check out from their products to register from their website first. It is such a major revolt to allow force registration, it is a hassle and it takes much of your customer’s time instead of just simply checking out your wanted products. One research show’s that a 45% increase of rate in customers completely purchasing or checking out products when a website has disabled or removed forced registration in the checkout page.

6. Offer free shipping

It’s a fact that all of us would love some sale, promos and especially free shipping. We would easily get attracted to free shipping in order for us to have less expense in online shopping. A study discovered that 69% of customers completely checks out when there is free shipping, and 61% doesn’t continue to check out when free shipping is not available.

7. Show customer’s positive feedback

This goes especially to those local brands or products or to those who are just starting their business, its best to display customers feedbacks or testimonials of how great your products is, show customers positive feedbacks from your products to reassure your future potential buyers to purchase from your products and to guarantee and removed their doubts that they might think of.

8. Offer price deals and refunds

Shoppers would want to purchase the cheap yet great products, they would immediately check the price if it is affordable to them. As study shows that 36% of buyers don’t continue to check out because of the price shown. You must have pricing strategy or a price deal to reassure customers that you have the best deal among all possible competitors. And customers also would want to have a refund policy because they want to be sure at all times that they would get what they really expected and to avoid scams, just to reassure your customers that you provide them with the best quality of products and service.

After online shopping cart abandonment

If you are done with all the changes and improvements with your website, you must now move on to focusing on what you should if potential buyers would still leave without completely purchasing.

It’s now time to find answers and information on possible ways to dealing with abandoned online shopping carts.

Importance of Retargeting ads

Retargeting ad means that people who only visited or checked out on your site will get notifications or ads about your website and products after leaving. It will just pop up on their screen to remind them of what they have missed or on why they should revisit your website and purchase from it. Only 2% of buyers turn on the first visit to a website but retargeting brings back the 98% of potential buyers.

There are plenty of options to be used as service in displaying your ads just like AdRoll, Google Adwords and Retargeter etc. that will be shown to your potential buyer the once has visited on your website, it would just appear when they go and visit to other websites. Retargeter’s above diagram shows you the process, like when a shopper checks on your website but leaves without any purchase.

You can choose on what retargeting ads you want to appear on your potential buyer. Like for example when someone visited on your website and added a necklace on their shopping cart, you can have a retargeting ad that would use the same necklace that they added to cart to remind them that it’s a waste if they would not completely purchase it. This retargeting might pop up when they are on another site, as long as your retargeting ads is acceptable from the site they are in to.

Good Result Section 

The benefits and wonder of using retargeting ads is that it increases your ROI to 248% in just a matter of three months. It really works wonder, because it helps remind people of what they would purchase from your website and to reassure their doubts and concerns. There was a fair-trade fashion retailer named People Tree, which used retargeting to get 40% of potential buyers to return from their website.

Good benefits of email recovery campaigns

Aside from retargeting ads, there are still possible ways that will definitely help you from getting your shoppers back to your website for them to complete their purchase; another way is through email recovery campaigns.

Do you want to know how this thing works? You just simply have to create personalized emails that will get sent directly to the shopper that didn’t complete their purchase.

It’s easy to have your shoppers name and email address without forcing them when you are using a multipage check out.

After they have left and abandoned their shopping cart, they will now receive series of emails set as intervals that you have created in order to notify or remind them of what they have left. And also to persuade them in revisiting your website and to make them complete their purchase that will surely be worth it.

The emails should have:

  • Photos of the items they have added to cart
  • Positive feedbacks and reviews from previous customers
  • Price deals and refund policy details and information
  • Persuasive and strong action for them to revisit your website

Set of time in sending emails

  • 1st email- should be sent within 24hours
  • 2nd email- should be sent within 2 day
  • 3rd email- should be sent within a week

List of positive results

Using this strategy help you widen your ideas and strategies on how to improve your business and on to help improve your skill in patience and hard work. You can achieve your goals by simply applying all the advices or help that are being stated above. It is also a creative and playful strategy to also support and reconnect with multiple companies.

Do not let money slip in to your hands

It’s very heart breaking to see list of people abandoning their shopping carts. It’s hard to digest all of it, but it’s not the end, you can still find a solution to make them come back and purchase what they have added to cart. Instead of being devoured by pain of losing what’s supposed to be your sales, you better use the techniques and tools enlisted above. Always keep in mind the strategies that were taught to you, it is a huge help for you and your website to expand and be on top of everyone else. Those techniques will make you gain more potential buyers that will immediately check out without any doubts.

It’s not new for you if someone will still abandon their carts, at least that you now know how to handle these kinds of things. You are now fully equipped and well taught on how to win them back, on how to make them revisit from your website and make them complete their purchase. Always think on the brighter side of everything, use all of these ideas well and it will surely boost your sales and reach you the goal you always have wanted for your business.