Your Guide and Tips on Getting Great Content Marketing

When you have a business, your goal is for it to have a sustainable growth. You should be able to plan ways for your business to get well known by people, which you must be able to create huge traffic to your business. Creating your own blog is the answer to that, it will be a huge help in your business because there you will be able to post information about your products and with your blog you can be able to interact and communicate with potential customers, especially those who have concerns or questions about your product. You can be able to endorse and advertise what you are selling.

We all know that starting a blog is not that easy, you have to create contents that potential customer would find interesting. You have to be a credible writer and you also have to know what you are going to post in your blog which is your products. You must know every benefits and what makes your products different from others.

Being able to make an intro about your blog would take time in order for you to compose something that is appealing to those potential customers. In your first blog you must be able to impress everyone and make them want to get to know more about your products. But there are tips and examples of variety of post that you might get some tips and techniques from.

You can either write about how you have come up with this product, what inspired you in engaging in to this business, what makes your product worth every cent. You can also even post about giving those vouchers, having discounts, sales promo etc. 

Get some famous influencers involved

If you want to spread your business name to spread and have a great content on your blog, written bellow is what you should do:

All you have to do is, use every famous social app like twitter, instagram and tumblr, you also have to make a list of top ranking blogs. And then you have to state enough reason on why they are being included or mentioned in your blog, then you can publish it and mention any famous influencers that you have featured in your blog. Make sure to make your content is appealing to everyone that they can relate so that many influencers will share your post and expand it to their viewers. With people spreading your post like wildfire you will be able to increase you traffic.

Make your team Involve in your content

Each one of us has an interesting story to tell, all you got to do is to hear them out. And I’m pretty sure your team will be more willing to share their unique story to everyone.

You can always post information about the, like what are their interest, their passion, hobby etc. You can also even ask them questions about certain things or topics that people can learn from and post their answers online on your blog. The more you engage with your team, the more you are able to get information about them, and get more values and lessons that everyone can apply to their life.

With being able to squeeze out insights or information from your team can be a good content to your blog. With this kind of content, your customers or potential customers will be to get an attachment from your team or they can feel reassured and secure in buying from your products or getting involved in your business. They will be able to buy from you without a heavy heart because they know how passionate and goal driven your team is and that all of you deserve it.

Give them a taste of what is new from your products 

You need to have a strategy to make people interested in your products, stated below are strategies that might be a huge help.

People usually go crazy when they hear new launching of products; they get too excited about what it could be. Usually those people who have been loyal and repeat buyers from you should be given the chance to see your new products. It would mean so much to them when you are able to let them take a sneak peek of your new products, they would feel special and would want to support you all through the way.

When you also let them have the chance to see what is new before you officially launch or release it to the public you might get feedbacks from them on what they really think about it. They would make you communicate and interact with them more, and hear their suggestions on what might be lacking, what their opinions is, if is it good for release or not. You might still change your mind and improve your products after hearing feedbacks from them; you might also want to create new products that you know your customers are anticipating or what they really love.

Create tutorials for your Products

We guess buying stuffs or products online without even knowing how to use it or make it work would be very useless and waste of money.

There are some products that most of us already know how to use, or just needs your common sense for it to make it work. But there are products that are just complicated to use, you can either Google things up but it would be a hassle and a waste of time scrolling through several of instructions without being sure it’s the right one. 

If your products are uncommon and new for you, especially with the new technology now a day it’s best if you create tutorials about your products to guide your buyers and to make them feel satisfied about their purchase. On your tutorials you can teach them what’s unique about the products, how to use it the right and comfortable way and how to make the most of it. With your tutorials doesn’t mean that you only have to teach them how to turn it on and to turn it off, it’s way more than that and it could also make your buyers feel reassured about your service and of course your products.

When you are having a sale make it public

Everybody doesn’t say no for an answer when it comes to a sale, people would be really interested with it. So if you want people to know and get crazy about it, you should make it public, announce it on your blogs and any of your social media accounts for them to be prepared and wait before they miss anything out and to avoid products getting sold out, you know what sale can do with people.

You can also you use an app called space talk and put there what available products you are going to include in your sale and put information about those products just to get some heads up from your potential customers about how great your products it is and why it’s worth it. You can also put up a sale during any special occasions, if you’re products fits for valentines days you can have a sale because people would surely purchase from you for them to make it as gifts.

Have giveaways and contest for your customers

Your customers would surely get excited when they hear that you’re going to have a giveaway and a contest, just a payback to them for their warm support to your business since day one. Just so you know, giveaways and running a contest is different although it has the same intentions which is to give back to your customers. This is also a great way to attract potential customers for your business.

When you’re planning a giveaway you can give people vouchers, discounts or even some of your products for free. You can give it to those who have purchased from you since the opening of your business or to those who have purchased during the month that you desired. You can even let them choose the product they want or let them get a chance to visit your physical store.

If you’re planning to have a contest, it would be fun if you would give questions about details on your business like the date your business started, or how long have you been in this business. You could even ask them what’s in the box kind of thing just to make it more fun. You just have to choose the first one to get the correct answer. You can just even let them comment from your post about the contest and let them comment their names and take a screenshot of the post and make them share it on their accounts for them to be included in your contest.

Of course, names would get piled up in the comment section even those who haven’t purchased it would join, but it’s a good thing because your business is growing and getting known to many because of this kind of contest. Because of the large amount of people joining, it’s best if you use Gleam because it is a one click entry, and it would do the job for you in choosing the lucky winner.

Include the important events that you participated and post it in your blog

Being in to the world of business, you need to keep in touch with people around you especially to those who are in the same industry as you. They would be of much help in inspiring you and adding information about your next step.

Posting events that you have participated in or you have helped with would be a good idea. You can post in your blog your experiences in those events, what you have learned and acquired from it. It would prove to people how dedicated you are as a person in your business and the industry you’re in to. It would mean that your really do care, not only for you to enhance your business but also to cater your customers needs to offer them the best quality of products and services. People would definitely appreciate everything you have done, it would be best to include photos during the events too just to make them feel like they were with you to every step you had made and success you have achieved.

Share some information about your company

It is best if you also share what your company is like, its history, what it has gone through, just to feel like your opening up to your customers. You’re not hiding any secrets from them, making them feel secured and earning their trust. Being an entrepreneur is not easy at all; it’s something special because you are loaded with responsibilities and you do your best to make your business grow.

Share to the public what started you in this business

Everyone has their story on why they choose to be an entrepreneur, on why they choose this business. It all has an interesting and inspiring story behind it, and I’m pretty sure people would love to hear it. Being able to share these kind of things to your customers might inspire them to do better in life, to work hard or to also be an entrepreneur just like you. This is not only for publicity; your customers are your friends and companions too. You need to build a relationship with them and treasure what you have with them because they are the reason why your business is growing, because of their never ending support. They do deserve some engagement and information about you, just for them to know you better.

Create how-to-do videos

There are plenty of ways to establish your content marketing; it doesn’t mean that blogging would be the key to everything. Do not limit your content marketing strategies, think outside the box, do everything it takes just to catch people’s attention. You create videos and upload it in your YouTube account, send emails and post stuff on your social media accounts.

There are things that are more complicated and hard to explain when you are going to write them down, words somewhat make it more complicated and take most of your time. It’s best if you show them how to use the product and explain them while performing it. When you are able to finish filming your video it’s best to post it in YouTube or any social media accounts that you have.

Making videos as your content marketing is a very effective way in getting peoples attention, making them get hooked and interested in your videos, would make them want to purchase your products to test them out themselves.

Start planning on how you will start your video that will show how to use your products, what makes it unique from others, its benefits and why it’s worth your purchase.

Upload videos on how your product is made

One great thing to use as your marketing content is to upload videos on how your product is made. Some would get this satisfaction when they are watching videos on certain products that are being made. Also your customers would appreciate seeing how safe and clean the process is in your production. It would build their trust and also they would feel secured to continue purchasing from you because you are opening yourselves to them, you are not hiding anything and you are sharing with them the production of your product.

We would also be very interesting for them to see such huge machines being used and how much people are involved wearing safety and sanitary gears, or just by the process itself. It would be so much fun and satisfying to watch, especially when it involves mixing things, segregating, chopping sewing etc. it would really be entertaining to watch.

Take note

With all of these strategies being written down, keep them all in mind, take notes do not only learn from it but also apply it for your business to reach success. Do not only limit the things that you can do, think of every ways that you can in order to give what is best not only for your business but also for your customers. Create a good relationship with your customers or potential customers, earn their trust by showing them the real you, opening up to them about how passionate you are in your field of work, being able to impart them life lessons and also being able to show them your world. Start writing great content on your blog, share to them creative ways of how-to-do videos or tutorials and start showing them what it is like being you or what it’s like working with you.