The Development and Importance of Online Reviews

The only constant thing in this world is change, as time passes by, we see changes or improvements to humans, plants, animals etc. We see it grow, not only physically but also mentally. But humans and other living things are not the only who develops and change through time but also ecommerce and its components. The most obvious change that you can see in these past few years is its rapid expansion and increase in online reviews.

The spread of online reviews on the internet is undeniably all over the place. You see reviews even if you don’t purposely want to read them, it just appears or pop’s up on your notification randomly. 

But online reviews are definitely a great strategy for igniting people’s temptation for them to buy the products that were given reviews. It gives people the assurance of potential buyers to trust the products being reviewed, because online reviews are proofs from different people who have already purchased from those products and with the help of their positive reviews it will surely persuade potential buyers to purchase too because they will be sure that they will not get scammed or get fooled.

Online review is 100% beneficial when you have a business, with the help of this post it will serve as your guide on how you will start on programming your business and on how you will manage it including online reviews. It is not as easy as you think, every step and process need time, effort and your determination in order for you to also expand and improve your business.

Let’s start the ball rolling!

The good effects of online reviews for online business

People don’t just purchase right away without scrolling through its reviews, people have to make sure that the products have positive feedbacks for them to actually purchase it. Because of the importance of online reviews, online business owners or retailers should start thinking of ways on how to properly manage their reviews.

As a matter of fact:

  • Results show that 70% of people checks the review section first before checking out their products.
  • Results show that 63% of people checks out products from a site that has a product review section in it.
  • Results show that 67% of people always have to scroll down to few reviews just to make sure the products are legit and that they won’t get scammed.
  • Results show that 79% of people relies and trust on product reviews with plenty of good feedbacks the same as people giving recommendations.
  • Results show that 80% people easily changes their mind on purchasing a desired product when they see negative comments from the review section.
  • Results show that 71% people trust and purchases products with a site that has good reviews from their products. Mostly 75% of reviews shown are positive feedbacks.

It is proven that having products reviews from your site is definitely effective in gaining plenty of customers. Because with products reviews, they will be able to easily trust your site because reviews are proofs of being legit and that your products are high quality. All of your doubts and uncertainties will surely be gone once you see some good reviews.

1.Create a good impression from your customers

You must first start with a plan on how you will prove to your potential customers that your brand can be trusted and are good quality products. And in order for you to earn their trust you must make a move on how you will create a good impression to them, because when you show them a bad reputation and impression from your products, they would automatically disregard your site and would no longer purchase from you. When customer see feedbacks like having good quality of products and you reply fast and politely would definitely leave a good impression from those potential customers.

When potential customers see in the feedbacks on how welcoming and polite you are while attending to questions and always giving updates about the products would definitely be a positive review that would give a huge impact to others for them to also purchase from you. When potential customers see this, they will immediately believe you are a good seller and that they would trust you and your products. Because customers also want to be entertained by the seller in a polite and well-mannered way.

2. Being able to see third person insight of the product used

Even if you have posted on your site every detail of your product, the material used, its size and its use. People will still be unsure of whether you are stating facts about your products, so it is very helpful and influential for them to see third person insight on what experiences they had with products, what it really looks like if their feedbacks match with the seller’s description of the product. Potential customers would want answers to their questions in mind, and seeing reviews would give answers and would weigh what the product might look like according to the reviews that were being posted.

Seeing reviews that describes of what the products really look like would help potential customers to imagine themselves using the products. The details that are being posted in the review section would be helpful to give assurance to potential customers and would give them answers to the questions they might want to ask from you.

3. Prove to them that you and your products can be trusted and is credible

Proving to numerous people your brand/products’ can be trusted is not that easy, especially when you are just established your business and you are new to this kind of establishment. Unlike when you run your business for a long time and got your brand famous, proving your product’s credibility would be easier. People now a days would not easily trust any products they see because they want to be sure that the product is safe and is worth the money that they are going to pay.

Ways on how to make your customers leave some reviews

Being able to finally understand the importance and advantage of having reviews on your site, it’s best to start on thinking of ways on how to initiate it. We cannot force customers to actually leave reviews, they may rate it after receiving the products but leaving actual experiences with the products in the review section is a whole lot of level. Some customers don’t find the need to give reviews, and some will just be forgot about it once they start using the product and they just wouldn’t fine the purpose to leave a review.

Tips and ways on how to inspire people from leaving reviews

•Leave them thoughtful and friendly emails

It doesn’t mean that when you’re leaving thought and friendly emails to your customers you only want them to purchase more of your products, there is also another reason why. You can inspire them to be a part of your establishment in where they can help people find the right products for them. With this kind of process, you will be able to relate to each other and share your passion and desire in this kind of establishment. Creating emails that will be sent to them should be planned well, so that they would have a reason to write a review of your products especially when they already have been able to use your products for a week and two which means they could give out more information of their experience from your product. You should make sure you are inspiring your customer, be kind and well-mannered to them, make sure you are able to accommodate and do your best to help.

•Access in a review should be quick and easy

It is very inappropriate for you to force your customer to leave a review about their purchased product wherein they would go through a very hassle process. You should make sure that you must provide and accessible review section on where there would be lest questions and options that you will click. Make it quick and easy yet rewarding for your customer. As a way of giving thanks to your customer you should give coupons or discount voucher after they submitted their review. In that way your customer will surely give you a good impression, trust you and might be your frequent buyer.

Make sure that those who can access your review section are the ones who have purchased from you, to have a legit and unbiased review/feedback and also to avoid any unnecessary comments. Make sure that it would still be easy for your customer to access your review section, like it would only need few options and clicks.

•A simple giving of voucher, coupons and discount goes a long way

Giving discounts or vouchers to your customers, surely goes a long way because that kind of reward will definitely be appreciated by your customer and will surely be one of the reasons for them to be loyal and repeat buyers from your products, and they also be excited and glad to be able to write reviews every time they purchase. This will encourage and inspire them to support your site and give credible feedbacks in exchange with the coupons and discounts they deserve. 

Useful tools needed for managing reviews

In order for you to be able to manage your reviews you must be able to use useful and important tools. These tools will sure be of great help in arranging your reviews and will introduce you to new ways of programming your site.

Giving follow ups through Email Marketing

Using Email Marketing is definitely an easy and quick way to automate the process of sending out messages including the link on where you can give your reviews. Email marketing doesn’t always mean that you are only sending follow up messages to your customer and asking/offering those random products from your site, you can use this as a tool to avoid hassle in gathering reviews. You can create messages to those who have purchased a product from you and it will directly be sent to that specific customer a week later after that customer receives the products, in order to give a more credible review from the product that were purchased and used.

The advance features of Mail Chimp

If you want to grow your business on your terms, Mail Chimp might just be your solution. You can either use this marketing service to send emails, newsletters and even track the performance of your site. It definitely has a lot to offer, that is very useful for you.

As what the title says, it definitely offers advance features that you can easily access like ROI tracking, templates, list segmentation etc. It gives you a less hassle and accessible automated type of message. 

This marketing service is obviously successful and has been able to give good quality service to 7 million users and have successfully made numerous case studies posted on their blog from famous people around the world.

The amazing options AWeber could offer

If you are someone who is new in the business or has just started your own blog, AWeber is the perfect match for you. You can easily access this marketing service, and is popular because it has been a companion to more than 120,000 businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers around the world. And it is definitely said to be one of the top 5 leading marketing services in the world. You will surely be amazed of the options it will offer you and will cater all of your desired design and needs without hassle.

They have their new option which is called the Drag and Drop email builder which has plenty of options given that mostly experts use, but is easy and can be used for beginners without any confusing and long process. The level of your skill would not be a problem because you can just freely customize your emails with the use of your desired style.

The captivating effect of Campaign Monitor

If you want to gain loyal customers and manage a classic email you might want to use Campaign Monitors which offer captivating and beautiful templates that is built by impressive professionals, can be used for your emails. It is also absolutely easy to use and offer a lot of great features that would surely do you good. It will definitely attract plenty of subscribers with of course by sending them your beautiful newsletter, and surely this will lead you to excellent results. You can just simply have one account intended to manage all of your clients for you to send campaigns and wait for their response.

If you’re still interested in looking for something else aside from the three services that were being mentioned, you can search in the HitMe App Store services like Klaviyo which might be a perfect match for you.

The wonders of Yotpo for Social Reviews

If you want to create a quality traffic and sales with the use of your reviews through social media, blogs and emails, Yotpo is the answer to that. It is a review and marketing solution that most of the ecommerce stores uses. It is definitely a great help for you to send message to potential customers of how legit and great your products are with the use of sending/showing them the positive reviews from your products. It also offers to give you advices and tips and how to improve your marketing strategy. It is almost like a dream a come true for every entrepreneur, bloggers to have access with Yotpo.

Without enough knowledge on how to expand your shopping cart software in generating large review count, Yotpo will be pleased enough to help and guide you with that kind of problem. Yotpo will let you incorporate a review platform that can be spread through social media or emails. Most of their versions are offered for free, but other great features are available for the paid version in order for you to have a smoother sailing process.

Consider Adding Product Reviews to your site

If you don’t have any product review feature from your site or online store you can just simply download Product Reviews from HitMe for free. This will guarantee you to build trust and interact with your customers and also to get your sales up.

Products Reviews offers you more than you can imagine, you can improve the quality and quantity your website traffic and it also has great designs and you can easily customize just by simple clicking the desired design you want. This is useful to those who aren’t expert in using codes, you can just easily use this.

There are plenty of review apps available in the HitMe Shop Store, all you have to do is just to choose wisely on where you think works best for you and for your online store.

Learn and Apply Everything

We are pretty sure that this post has already imparted you a lot of things, from the importance of having review section in your online store or site and on what tools to use that would be of great help to you. Having to have positive reviews and be able to generate them would be a huge impact on making your sales go up.

You must not only learn from what is being stated above but you must also apply it to your business or blog in order for you to improve and reach your goal.  Every hard work of yours will surely pay off and everything will be worth it in the end.