Some sites have been very lazy in responding to potential customer’s concern or question. Most of them always have the common reply to the requests that customers sent, some even lack of connection to their customers they only leave short messages and they engaged with customers less. They forgot how wrong and inappropriate it is to always leave you customers hanging or make them feel that they are less special. Your customers must feel welcome all of the time, they must be treated well and you must engage more with them in order to give them a quality service and for them to purchase from you and give you a positive feedback.

Your mail may have plenty of messages coming from different people that may be inquiring, potential customers, new customers, dedicated customers or inactive customers. They may all have different purpose but they all are very important. They are the reason why you’re products get sold and the reason why you’re earning money.

Most products vary from different sizes, colour, scent, letters etc. Some are in different categories, and not everyone who purchases from you have the same exact orders. You must pay attention to what their concern is, or what they are looking for. You may even have some recommendations that you think might help which they might even appreciate you for helping them. So it is really best to go through each message in order for you to give them the correct response that they need. 

If you want to make your job easier or to have a solution on how you can manage all these messages with different concerns its best if you create criteria on where they can message you depending on what the customer wants. Let’s look for different ways on how we can divide all messages depending on the category stated. Because if you are able to find a strategy to resolve this issue you can be able to get a good conversation and engage more with your customers.

Giving appropriate approach that would fit your customer

It would make your job easier if you have already recognized all your customers that would walk in to you physical store. You can address these people depending if they are new to your store or haven’t purchased anything yet, or are frequent buyers. It’s like giving them labels so that you can say the right things to them, in order for them to purchase from your store. We all have different approaches to our customer in order to get the customers trust and connection, but it all depends if they are new customers or frequent customers are.

It is impossible to put labels on your customers when on a physical store, depending if you are very good in familiarizing people’s faces. But don’t worry because in ecommerce database you can definitely have these labels for your customers. Its best and helpful for you to have your list get segmented for you to have appropriate approached to your customers. This kind of process will help you gain more customers, like for example making new visitors purchase from your store and making other old customer become frequent buyers from your store. You can also add strategies that you think is appropriate for your customer, like offering promo or discounts to new customers while giving freebies for those who are repeat buyers.

Categorizing your list depending on your customers preferred items

Every customer has different interest from each other. It seldom happens if some of your customers have the same exact orders or preferred items. Like for example if your business is all about pet accessories supplies and needs. Some may be dog owners, cat owners or fish owners. There are also customers who are new pet owners and still don’t have the idea of what products to purchase that is best for their pets, they will surely need assistance. It’s not a good idea to send them the same email campaign because clearly not all of them have the same pets that they are taking care of. What will hit you off and boost your sales is to create ad that has each type of specific pet owners.

For you to be able to make this happen, you should create a segmented list depending on what your customer likes. There are varieties of ways for you to get your subscribers into appropriate segments, depending on:

  • The products they view or choose.  When the customer click on a dog bone toy, you can now label him on your list as a dog owner and now you can send emails to that customer about your trendy or new dog products.
  • Take note of the free consultations or leading magnets they subscribe in your email. If you offer free consultations on how to bathe dogs and your customer chooses how to bathe a German Sheppard then you can include that customer in the list of big dog owners and send emails about your new and trendy products suitable for big dogs.
  • The products they purchase. If your customer buys air pumps or top fillers, you can include them in your list of fish owners and send them emails about your new and trendy products for fishes or any aquatic animals.

You just need to sort things out and choose what appropriate options best suits your customer mailing list. You may never know what exactly what they like but putting the pieces together and solving the puzzle works wonder. You can start sending your targeted emails depending on what your customer prefers or likes.

If you are able to segment your emails based on what your customer likes or what they prefer you can be able to increase people’s subscription and click through rates. They will surely get amazed of how you are sending them products they surely like, they won’t get easily frustrated in looking or searching through your variety of products because the products they like are being offered and emailed to them directly. Unlike if you are just randomly sending them various products without knowing if they would like those kinds of products they might even block you and find you annoying. It is a huge help to really segment your email list and know what your customers interest is.

Knowing your customer’s location is an important segmentation factor

Being able to know yours customers location is also a huge factor in you segmentation list. If you know your customers location you can send them emails about crazy sales or new arrivals of products that can be seen or purchased in you physical store. Once you know those locations that have the same address on where your store is located or is near your store’s location you can include them in your list. It would be a great strategy to gain more potential buyers as they would get excited seeing promos and discounts seen on their emails thinking that the physical store is located on their same address.

In today’s mailing list service it is quite necessary to include a segmentation list based on your location. It’s not that you personally ask them or send them messages asking for their address, but you can just know when they sign up in your mailing list. In order for you to also know their location is when your customer has already filled out a form when they purchase stating the address on where to deliver their purchased products or on their billing.

Segmenting your list based on conversations

Every message you receive has its individual reason depending of the purpose of the sender. You just have to categorize messages depending on the subscriber’s pursuit. There will also be messages that say’s “How are you? I hope we can talk more”. This would mean that those kinds of messages are from old businesses you haven’t kept in touch for a while.

There would be plenty of reason why we should create separate segment, but with business they create different segment for subscriber that they haven’t kept in touch with for a long time because of the cost of money that you need to pay them. It’s nonsense for you to keep in touch with inactive subscribers that would not even mind giving you a response and at the same time would cost you money. Also as researchers show that having an inactive email list gets passed over.

In order for you to know how to identify inactive subscribers you must create a list of subscribers that are no longer active and are not been responsive or haven’t been able to open your messages for a long time like in a span of 5 months. You should send only those subscribers you have segmented asking for them to get a response by reconfirming their subscription, if for example they still want to continue  being  in your business and a subscriber and for them to continue receiving your emails about your products or if they want to avail a discount code. If those subscribers failed to give their response within three weeks, they are automatically removed from your list.

This is a great strategy for you to lessen all you burdens in sending various people emails and choose only those people who are interested and wants to receive emails from you about your products. With this strategy you are able to boost your email marketing’s ROI because you already have removed those inactive people which will only cost you money but instead you will just send emails to those who are still active and responsive which would be worth the money you are paying.

Choose a mailing list service that provides segmentation

If you want segmentation options in order for you to have an easier job in accommodating your customer's needs, you must make sure that the mailing list service you have chosen provides segmentation options. It is usually common now a day for mailing list service to have segmentation options but it’s best if you make sure of it. You can easily research on what segmentation options are available to your service. With the help of Google, this is very easy and accommodating and convenient to use you can easily look through and type in the search bar your mailing list providers name with segmentation list.