Guest Posting or Guest Blogging’s Road to Success

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is a doorway for huge number of visits for your site, it means you are consented to write an article for a blog in order for you to be well known and will lead for people looking up your own personal blog. This story is one example of how guest posting helped me boost people to visit my blog.

Every success always has a story behind it, so we will be going to impart to you our story, all the strategy we had in order for me to reach what we call success. There is of course a step-by-step process and tricks that is necessary in order for you to reach and land on high profile guest posting opportunities. As a beginner in creating a new blog, it is normal to have very few visits from people, but if you want to increase your blogs visits, guest posting is one of the best ways to market not only your blog but also you online business or ecommerce sites. Guest posting is hundred percent effective tactics to gain a lot of visits from your blog.

Essentials in guest posting that you need before reaching success.

If you want to land on high quality guest posting you must impress the one site you want to work with. It means you must first establish either a blog, site or ecommerce business that has high quality of outputs presented in it. It’s like quality over quantity; it doesn’t matter if you have few posts in your blog or site as long as its content has a very high quality and is impressive. This is where you have to showcase to people and make their jaw drop on how wonderful your writing ability is.

Here are 6 steps that would help you work with your target blog sites:

Step 1: Look up for the top high profile blogging opportunities

Choose the guest blogging opportunities that possess:

High rates of website traffic meaning a site where people always visits and also that has online authentication or authority

You have a target or chosen audience/viewers that you want to attain

There a lot of guesting posting opportunities online that you may be familiar with, especially when you are familiar with your market and site. There are a wide range of opportunities that can pop in your mind. But if your still new in this kind of thing and is still unfamiliar with popular blogs you can just go through to sites like Technorati and Alltop to be able to know what are the popular blogs that clicks with what you want. If you’re having second thoughts on whether your chosen blog is well known or is an authoritative blog all you need to do is look up to Alexa and Compete in order to have accurate traffic levels from the blog you have chosen to work with. 

Step 2: Get to know first your target blog owner

It is very important for you to know who you are going to work with or your soon to be boss. It is not about knowing what their name is but it is necessary to go deeper, getting information about who they are is knowing your target boss will be a huge help in giving yourself a good impression from your boss. It is also a great strategy to gain your boss trust with you and accept you right away. You’re not a stalker nor a creep it’s just important for your line of work because you have to make a connection with your boss. Being the best marketers and networkers are experts in connecting and relating to people, so it is best if you should too.

Step 3: Share and promote their content right away

You must always have a strategy or a tactic to be easily noticed by high profile bloggers, and it’s a best strategy to keep on sharing and promoting their posts, you must also leave positive feedbacks on the comment blog. You must shower your target blog with your 100% support and give them a positive rate and feedback. If you are very consistent with promoting and sharing their content, it will be easy for you to be noticed by them. You will definitely make them feel like they owe you a favour and that they must help you in a way that they must hire and accept you right away.

If you want to get the attention of your target blog owner and you want to impress them here’s what you should do.

Share and promote their post in all social media apps

There are now a high rate of people using social media applications like Facebook and Twitter; it is a good marketing medium to promote blogs or any market sites. It is very easy to share to those mentioned social apps just click the share button and the public will see; here are a few tips to consider when sharing.

Also keep in mind that sharing your target blog site is not enough, you must also include the authors’ handle in the post you shared not just the company handle. For you to be able to be noticed easily by the author of your post and also the editor of the blog.

It is not enough to only share the post or headline of the post on your target blog, because it is a must for you to add your insight and perspectives on what you have read about the post. You must put phrases on what impressed you or what you think people could relate in the post that would interest people to read your shared post. And it also is a proof to the author of the blog that you did whole heartedly read his post. It is also best if you write custom title for the people that will see your shared post.

Always make sure that you have put the link of your own blog or site in all of your social media accounts so that the blogger can easily look up on your blog and also so that he can easily see and be impressed by your writing skills.

Always leave a good and positive feedback

One of the best ways to catch a person’s heart is to flatter them with nice and positive comments. A heartfelt and insightful feedback in the comment section would definitely get recognized easily and create a beautiful bond and connection with the author of the blog. It’s best to show your full support to the author of the blog not only by sharing their blog but by always commenting on his blog, it may be time consuming but it is definitely worth it. You immediately build a relationship with the author of the blog and you can easily express how genuinely great his work is.

Most of the people only leave short comments, saying few lines like “Love your post” and “You’re a great author”. It lacks emotions and quality; you should give your heartfelt and positive comments in the blog in order to attain a quality comment and in order for you to get noticed easily and to leave a good impression on the author of the blog. Be patient and take your time in constructing your quality comment that has value.

Acknowledge the author of the post

We all know how hard the editor or the author of the post worked for what they are writing. They invest time, effort and their wisdom into creating wonderful pieces. It’s best to acknowledge them and mention them in other guest post you have been writing with. Or just by even mention their names in posts that you think they suit well. They would clearly be thankful and appreciate your effort in acknowledging them and mentioning them in other blog posts. It would immediately build you a bond with them and they would be fascinated seeing you writing with other blogs thinking how credible and qualified you are to be one of their writers.

Like for an example, you were in a guest post with other high-quality ecommerce and you mentioned HitMe as one of the top5 blogs to follow online and added a few reasons why which consists if positive description of them.

Just be real and genuine at all times

Never forget to speak from your heart, tell them what you really feel and what you think about their post. You need to be real and genuine in what you are writing and promoting, you cannot just share and comment on their blogs with putting captions that is blunt and is fake. Being genuine and real helps you compose sweet and sincere feedbacks about them which will be gladly appreciated by them. If you want to build a bond with them for a long time you don’t have to shower them with flowery words, you have to mean everything you say about them. Sincerity will always prevail in the end, and it will play a huge role with your relationship towards the people whom you are going to work with in your target blog.

Always choose your content, think wisely on what you are going to promote and make sure it is a high-quality content in order to please and satisfy your followers. Having good quality content keeps your followers more interested on your posts and will always be waiting for your post. It will also attract potential followers in the near future, especially when people spread your good content.

Step 4: Patience and a pleasing personality is a must

Everything you desire doesn’t happen in just one snap; it will always take time. All you need is patience because there comes reward after all your hard work and patience. Promoting their blog post in twitter or any social media applications once or twice is not enough. You really need to climb your way up from the top, in order reach your goal. If you want to catch your target blogs’ attention you need to be consistent in sharing, commenting and promoting their post every day for at least four weeks. You should also construct quality captions when sharing their post and quality comments.

When you finally hit your goal or you think that it has been more than 4 weeks of showing unending support to their blog, it is time for you to go to the next level. The next level is for you to reach out and initiate a conversation, be friend the owner of the blog. Build a connection with him/her, twitter is one of a great platforms in reaching out people and discovering information from them.

As what we have said always be real, be sincere in expressing what you feel about their works and in reaching out with them. If you’re trying to have a long-lasting relationship with the owner of your target blog show how committed and interested you are to write with them. Also, you have to know their interest in life in order for you to have something to talk with them that they would certainly respond to you. 

Take note that you need to first build a relationship with the owner of your target blog; you should never ruin the start of your conversation by immediately promoting your own works to your clients. You need to initiate conversations with your clients that would be entertaining for them, and at the same time don’t stop sharing, commenting and promoting their blog.

Here are some strategies that you take note when pitching a guest post:

If you want to your email to be read by those busy people working in your target blog you must make it concise and direct to the point. Long messages bore them and take much of their time, so it’s best to keep it short.

There are lots of ways to contact or send your message to your target blog, but what’s best and formal is to send it directly to their email address. If you don’t know their email add, then find a way to get it.

We think it is inappropriate to directly open up about what your goal is. It is best to start off by complimenting and appreciating all their works and give them positive feedback. It is also a good idea to say something about their recent post and give your thoughts about it to support your statement that you really did read their recent post.

After all the introductory greetings and the compliments, you have told them you can now finally open up and state that you are more than willing to guest post for their blog and that you already prepared your potential guest post ideas.

You have to prepare any proof or validations of all your works and achievement for you to show and impress them at the same time. So that you can guarantee them that hiring you is not a mistake and is worth it.  You should also prepare link to your site for them to see your sample of your works.

Step 5: Shine bright with your guest post

You have been through a lot, and I must say it is a long journey and finally here you are now, you are now able to guest posting on your dream blog site. Dreams do really come true as long as you are determined and eager to reach and worked hard for it. You deserve a huge congratulation, now it’s our time to shine and impress people with your outstanding post.

Now that you already got this opportunity to write on a high-profile blog, do the best as you can to compose a high-quality post because it also reflects you being a responsible writer and worker to your boss/owner of the blog you’re working with, it also presents how thankful you are to be a part of their blog and now you’re working hard and doing your best to not fail them on giving them high quality content. And with your hard work, you might even get another opportunity to write a follow up post because of how brilliant your work is. And with having a high-quality post huge percent of people will click to your website and read your post because they find it interesting and they can relate it. Soon those people will want more post from you and would like to know you better.

You reap what you sow

After all we have said and explained do you still think that landing on a high guest posting is easy? That those strategies and the traffic are easily achieved? Well, it’s a big no for us, you have to undergo all those steps and strategies, you have to give your all including your time and effort, you have to be patient and determined enough in order for you to land on those high-quality blog sites and reach your goal. Don’t worry about failures it’s a part of the journey that will definitely help you push through and make you even more determined and stronger, keep in mind that you must not easily give up.

Gaining immediate readers and subscribers is impossible, but if you want to achieve it you must work hard for it. Just follow the marketing method that we have told you just like promoting others and creating a bond and relationship you will surely reap what you sow.